Sieben blau-silberne Polizeiwagen stehen angewinkelt nebeneinander. Neben jedem Wagen steht ein Polizist.

Information from the State Police Commissioner

The Rhineland-Palatinate ombudsperson Barbara Schleicher-Rothmund is also the State Police Commissioner by resolution of the state parliament.


She is the contact person for citizens’ complaints or suggestions concerning the state police. Likewise, police officers can contact her directly with petitions in connection with the performance of their duties without having to go through official channels.


Citizens can lodge a complaint with the State Police Commissioner if they have the impression

that there has been misconduct on the part of the police, for example

-that there has been personal misconduct on the part of a police officer, or

-that a police measure was unlawful.


Police officers can submit a petition to the State Police Commissioner,

if they

-want to point out grievances or mistakes or

-get into social or personal conflict situations in connection with their work or have problems with their


The State Police Commissioner tries to settle conflicts that have arisen out of court by means of communication in a spirit of partnership.


Every complaint or submission is always deemed to be constructive criticism. It offers the opportunity to recognise mistakes and correct them in future. This should improve the quality of police work irrespective of the specific individual case.


The processing of a petition or complaint is independent of other administrative and appeal procedures. Deadlines for filing appeals must therefore be observed by the petitioner him/herself in order not to suffer any legal disadvantages.


If criminal, fine or disciplinary proceedings have been initiated at the same time, the State Police Commissioner usually does not take action. On-going complaints and petitions are temporarily discontinued in these cases.

The Ombudsman and Police Commissioner of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate


Kaiserstr. 32, 55116 Mainz
Telephone: (0 61 31) 2 89 99-50
Fax: (0 61 31) 2 89 99 89

Petitions and complaints can be submitted by post, by fax, electronically or in person. They must contain the name and address and be submitted no later than 3 months after the end of the matter complained about.

Petitions or complaints will be handled confidentially by the State Police Commissioner upon request.